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2020 is not the year we all expected. The pandemic changed everyone's life. For some people I think maybe the majority it is the worst year. However for me, since I arrived here in the UAE I think this is the best year I ever had. As we are about the wrap up this year, I look back and I feel blessed, that's why I'm making this Journal Challenge for me.

The best bookstore ever!
Kinokuniya Abu Dhabi

The other day I went to Kinokuniya for creative kicks and I bought some Ghibli notebooks and other stationery sets. I spent I think 3 hours there (I could spend more but I was getting hungry), just browsing through the books made me think of something. This year has been strangely great and I need to document it.

So I have decided to use Kikis Delivery notebook to wrap up this year's highlights, and I am calling this journal 2020 IS THE YEAR OF ME or The Year of Happylee.

Honestly, it was soo satisfying to finish just one spread and i'm getting addicted!
My first Spread

Now, why journalling? I think it will be great to take a little break from time to time from illustrations, trying something new and honestly its soo fun! I always admired the works of Ms Abbey Sy, she is one of the greatest influence in my creative life, and her community inspired me to work on this journal.

One day I want to look back and see how this year changed me.

I will give more info about my stationery haul on my next blog! :)

So everyone! Feel free to join me in answering some prompts, you can do some journalling yourself! whether digital or traditional, all up to you. so here are the prompts:

  1. List all the negative and good things when the year started.

  2. List all the things you did that helped you during the beginning of lockdown.

  3. List all the series, anime, movies you have seen this year and why you love them and did it change you?

  4. List all the creative learning or improvements you noticed with your artworks.

  5. List your creative achievements.

  6. List the challenges you have faced.

  7. List how you solved it, or what are your plans to change it.

  8. List all the books you have collected or read.

  9. List what are you thankful for this year.

  10. List what you wish or want to achieve in 2021

  11. List the worst and best decisions or habits you have done this year.

You don't have to follow my prompts, you can create your prompts and see which works best for you. You also don't have to share this on social media if this is too personal, for me this is for my personal keepsake, but I will be sharing some stuff on Instagram and I will be blogging my progress for my first journal!

I do believe that through journaling I'll be able to reflect t, have a more clear view and strong stand on the future things I want to achieve, so let's see where this goes! For journaling inspirations, I highly recommend to you to check Ms Abbey Sy's Instagram and even her patreon, it has tons of amazing creative inspiration specially for creative business owners.

2020 is the year of me! Just claim it!

Here is the speed pain of my personal character, enjoy and hope you like it! See you on the next blog! Thank you for your precious time!

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