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Welcome to happylee blog! I am so excited to share with you all my process!

#createacoverhallenge is an art challenge we ran on Instagram along with other amazing artists! And I am super proud to be part of this as one of the hosts.

This beautiful poster is designed by one of my co-host an amazing artist

The following artists are also my cohost on this event, also check out their creative progress

So let's start with my process!

The first thing I do is to look for inspirations and references, and the best place for that is none other than Pinterest!

This gives me a better feel of what I'm going to create and helps me make up my mind.

After that one of the most challenging to do is combining those ideas in one concept. But since I love Anne so much and I know already whats my favourite moment of her, it was easy for me to wrap it up.

My favourite moment of Annee is always when she looks out in her window and I love how the cherry tree adds a lovely detail. I'm a country girl, so trees windows, that's my thing!

Before I start creating digitally, I always love to start sketching using pencil, I got this from Hayao Miyazaki, I'm not sure which website was it, but he said something like even if there are digital tools out there, always start with the traditional, and I couldn't agree more! That's just personal preference though. what about you do like to start using a pencil and paper?

So here is the full spread of what I did, I'm using here an A3 size sketchbook.

Let's start with drafting the spread and using the rule of thirds. This will allow me to divide my subjects and have a better view of the full spread.

After that, I take one side and play around with it if its the final layout I want, and I do the same with the backside.

Its time now to decide the face of your character, so Anne is a very cheerful and hyper girl, so I want a smile happy face!

At this point let me share to you how I draw the face

I hope this is helpful to you! Please do not hesitate to comment below or message me on Instagram if you have questions or suggestions on what content would you like to see as I go on with this process!

If you want to use this image as a reference or if you want to color her, please feel free to do so and don't forget to tag me if you post it on social media so I can share it!

With all my love to you guys!


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