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How are you?

Hi friends! How are you? I hope you are all doing great and continuously thriving in this time.

As for me... In my last post, I mentioned a lot of planned activities and after I couldn't keep up with my content, here's why...

I was preparing for my next adventure...

Yes! The best part of this year was, I planned to finally go home and be reunited with my family, and have some nature. So I got busy packing, preparing, dinners with friends, and I was in an emotional whirlpool after realising I am leaving the life I built in the UAE for 7 years.

After all the preparation, there was still a travel ban in the Philippines to prevent the spread of covid. So I had to stay longer in the UAE...

While waiting for the ban to be lifted, the next thing I had to face was anxiety. This was the hardest thing to admit to myself, but here it is...

I was at the point of confusion and depression... Especially with my career...

It was no fun, but it was a battle I had to face and go through...

I had to grieve, I had to cry, I had to shut myself for a while.

Staying positive is good, but at some point, I realised I was worried, I was ignoring my worries and covered it with positivity until one day it exploded because it also needed attention.

But what kept me going? Here's where the power of books comes in!

About 2 years ago I read the book the Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and this book saved me several times! I highly recommend this book to all creatives! among the many things that she mentioned there, here's what enlighted me "Grieve Wisely"

I had to know I can't stay too long in that bubble, I had to get up again, move forward and surprisingly, a new perspective and new ideas came into my head.

Let's skip to the good part, the travel ban to the Philippines finally got lifted! I wouldn't say it was a happily ever after journey, there were obstacles, but I knew all the hassle was worth it!

Now, I'm finally back home, with my family, living the ghibli life!

(Here are some snaps of my hometown, I'm posting it on my personal account) and will be sharing more here on my blog

I would also like to thank my Sketch Squad United friends and Instagram friends for being so supportive, inspiring and responsive, especially to Flor who is always checking on me whenever I feel down.

Thank you so much for being here in my BMC account! stay tuned for more updates and exciting news coming soon!

Let me close this blog with another quote from Elizabeth Gilbert

"Someday you're gonna look back on this moment of your life as such a sweet time of grieving. You'll see that you were in mourning and your heart was broken, but your life was changing."

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