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Hi friends! Welcome again to my blog, thank you so much for your support and for reading my previous blogs.

So quick recap, on the second part of this challenge, I digitalized my sketch, coloured it and gave you tips about layering, like adding multiply layer and the overlay layers.

Now I will be sharing here some brushes I used and how I customise my brush on photoshop, let's start with that.

My default brush is actually not that special, I use the general brushes to block my colours.

And my favourite one is the Hard Round brush or the hard brush, and from there I adjust the flow to get that transparency that I want.

After that, if you want to add texture to your brush, just click the brush setting and from there you can play around with your desired textures

Once you have found a brush setting that you like, save that present so you can use it anytime, instead of keeping on adjusting it every time and you can export that to use for procreate.

I have attached the link so you can download the brushes I used for this particular artwork, on the bottom part of this blog

Soft light, Color Dodge and VIGNETTING

So after the multiply and overlay layer, my favourite layer is the Color Dodge, which is a technique I got from Ross Draws. I love this part for this emphasizes the highlights of your artwork, like if there's sunshine, it will give an extra glow.

The soft light this is like my sunshine basically.

So far this is what we have Multiply (Shadow) + Overlay (Face glow, remember I adjusted the opacity of this layer to 30 %)

Next, let's Add the Softlight

I use the soft brush for this and take a yellowish colour for a sunset effect.

And lastly Colour dodge to emphasize your highlights

This is just my personal preference, you don't always need all these layers, but just do this if you see it fit for your artwork.

And this is what we have for now.

I'm already happy with it, but this time we will add another layer of multiply, for the vignetting to ensure that our focus goes to our main subject which is Anne, so it should look like this


Now, this is the most challenging part, it took me hours honestly to finally come up with the typography I want to do.

Originally I just wanted to do it like this, but as I went on when I coloured it, it felt messy and not right. Calligraphy is something I have been practising as well over the last couple of years and using photoshop I did this.

Using the pencil brush, I swirled the texts.

The I Duplicate this Text and add colour and bevel overlay

I also did some masking, so I don't have the erase the text-only mask it to make it swirl around Anne.

And I just group this Anne and I put it on the Spine of the book and the backside.

And her is now our full spread

I hope friends this was helpful to you, and find the attached zipped file for the brushes I used. Remember you manipulate the brushes however you want, most of the time I also change my brush settings depending on my subject.

Thank you once again for your support, and feel free to give me feedback.

All my love to you!


Create cover brushes used
Download ZIP • 195KB

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