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Fall watercolour illustrations

Updated: Jun 4

desk with watercolor painting inspired from Kiki's delivery services, with Windsor newton watercolor

✨Hi everyone! This is my first time experiencing autumn, seeing the colourful leaves in real sparked all the creative vibes in me. Honestly, at first, I was worried I came here at the wrong time because of the cold, coming from a tropical country the sound of temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius worries me because I easily get sick. But I’m well taken care of here, and I'm taking vitamins so all healthy and good so far. Anyways, I was worried so much about experiencing cold that I forgot the best part of this season, AUTUMN!

✨I decided to dedicate my weekends or evenings doing watercolour paintings just to loosen up, and I want to share the beautiful Leuven

watercolor painting of nature on top of a desk, surrounded with art materials
View from the KU Leuven University Cafeteria

Tree mixed media illustration, using windsor & newton watercolor and Prisma Colour Pencils, inspired from Maaseik Belgium
Neeroeteren Limburg

Train watercolor illustration on top of a desk
Train Ride from Leuven to Limburg

sunset watercolor painting, placed on top of a desk
Sunset view during the train ride

nature watercolor painting
Provinciedomein Kessel Lo, Leuven

watercolor painting of Kiki's home from Kiki's delivery services
This one is a watercolour study of Kiki's house from Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service, I just thought of adding that here. I started working on this during the creative group meet-up that I joined here in Leuven, and so far I met beautiful artists and made new friends.

✨ I hope you like this one. I'm trying to explore more mixed-media stuff, and doing some traditional studies. I am super happy as well with my Prisma coloured pencils, they are super worth the price and the colours blend nicely and vibrantly.

✨ Here's some behind the scene when I did the reel video. I am still waiting for the tripod I ordered, but I thought of showing this too haha!

a messy but creative desk set up, with art books as camera stand.

✨ I enjoy the beauty and the opportunity to keep learning and growing with my creative journey. As a self-taught artist and a freelance illustrator, there are times I wish to have a shortcut to be better, or sometimes wonder if I made the right career path, what if this is a mistake?

✨ But a reminder again that this is the best part; the journey, learning is what makes life and every success worth it!

✨ Here's a closing quote:

There are no mistakes in life, only lessons - The monk who sold his Ferrari
Calligraphy of quotes from The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

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