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Fall watercolour illustrations

✨Hi everyone! This is my first time experiencing autumn, seeing the colourful leaves in real sparked all the creative vibes in me. Honestly, at first, I was worried I came here at the wrong time because of the cold, coming from a tropical country the sound of temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius worries me because I easily get sick. But I’m well taken care of here, and I'm taking vitamins so all healthy and good so far. Anyways, I was worried so much about experiencing cold that I forgot the best part of this season, AUTUMN!

✨I decided to dedicate my weekends or evenings doing watercolour paintings just to loosen up, and I want to share the beautiful Leuven

View from the KU Leuven University Cafeteria

Neeroeteren Limburg

Train Ride from Leuven to Limburg

Sunset view during the train ride

Provinciedomein Kessel Lo, Leuven

This one is a watercolour study of Kiki's house from Ghibli's Kiki's Delivery Service, I just thought of adding that here. I started working on this during the creative group meet-up that I joined here in Leuven, and so far I met beautiful artists and made new friends.

✨ I hope you like this one. I'm trying to explore more mixed-media stuff, and doing some traditional studies. I am super happy as well with my Prisma coloured pencils, they are super worth the price and the colours blend nicely and vibrantly.

✨ Here's some behind the scene when I did the reel video. I am still waiting for the tripod I ordered, but I thought of showing this too haha!

✨ I enjoy the beauty and the opportunity to keep learning and growing with my creative journey. As a self-taught artist and a freelance illustrator, there are times I wish to have a shortcut to be better, or sometimes wonder if I made the right career path, what if this is a mistake?

✨ But a reminder again that this is the best part; the journey, learning is what makes life and every success worth it!

✨ Here's a closing quote:

There are no mistakes in life, only lessons - The monk who sold his Ferrari

✨Thank you for reading my blog, feel free to subscribe to my website to stay posted and follow me on Instagram:

✨Your support will mean the world to me!

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