Hi! I'm Happy, the illustrator/designer and artist behind this happylee.


I am a self-taught and an independent artist.

I have made this website, where you can see my creations and hire me for your next project if our ideas collide.

Why I'm called Happy, I was born on New Year's Eve! And I guess I gathered all the happy vibes that day. That's where happylee came from, a combination of my real name (Darlee) and nickname (Happy). And yes, I smile a lot!

My goal is simply to keep myself busy using creativity and make others happy through my creativity.


Awards & Nominations:

Top Employee - GVC 2019, UAE

Top Performing Teacher - JIB International School AY: 2016 - 2017

Artist of The Year - MSU Commencement 2012

Debater of The Year - 2012

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