The Howdy Doo

The Howdy Doo

Come along on a jolly cruise with the crew of the howdy Doo as she sails from one adventure to another. It is a perfect bedtime story to inspire good dreams for all.

Written by: Harris Tobias

Illustrated by: "Happylee" Darlee Orcullo Urbiztondo

Keeper of The Stars

Keeper of the Stars

Princess Luna is more than just royalty of her kingdom on the moon, she's the Keeper of the Stars. Each night she is responsible for releasing the world's wishes. Her team of stars do their best to make everyone's hopes and dreams come true.

Hoping to selfishly gain control of the stars magic dust is Patrick, a miserable man who lives on the dark side of the moon. His small team of colorless stars have had their sparkle stolen from them and are forced to do his dirty work. Along side of them works a former member of Luna's kingdom, a mooner who is a young man consumed by misery.

Branden believes in the legend of the magic moon rock, a stone that, once cracked open, will grant one ultimate wish. All of his sorrows can be erased if he could just find it! Until then, he'll help Patrick and get his revenge on the no-good stars for not granting his wish. The upcoming eclipse was just the distraction they needed to complete their take over.

Written by: Amy Shephered

Illustrated by: "Happyle" Darlee Orcullo Urbiztondo

The Fable of the Oum Bsisi copy.jpg

The Fable of The Oum Bsisi

The Fable of Oum Bsisi is a beloved traditional Libyan tale that has been narrated for generations to children from their parents and grandparents, there are different versions depending on the region and family heritage. The book will take you to a traditional Libyan atmosphere. It is a perfect gift for children who love to learn about folktales & fables from all around the world.

Written by: Laila ElOrfi

Illustrated: Sara ElOrfi

Co-Illustrated by: "Happylee" Darlee Orcullo Urbiztondo