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Malaysia Trip 2023

Updated: 2 days ago

Hey there, how's everyone doing?

Just wanted to share a bit about my 2023 so far – it's been full of surprises, especially the kind that brings loved ones back together. Back in May, after my Singapore trip, I hopped on a quick flight to Malaysia. The reason? Reunion time with my University BFF, Charmaine Kwin, and later joined by Maf, who journeyed all the way from Turkey. Believe it or not, it had been almost a decade since we last saw each other. Yet, here we were, still friends as if no time had passed. Talk about blessings, right?

Our Malaysia adventure was a mix of everything – fun explorations, endless laughter, and yes, a few sentimental moments too. It's crazy how friendships can stand the test of time and distance. I feel grateful for these incredible bonds in my life!

Our recent trip to Malaysia left us with incredible memories that I can't wait to share. The country has so much to offer in terms of food, nature, and hospitality.

First and foremost, let's talk about the food. The dining experience in Malaysia is a symphony of flavors from all across Asia. From the savory Nasi Lemak to the delightful Kaya Toast, our taste buds were treated to a culinary adventure. A special shoutout goes to the Beef Rendang which I couldn't get enough of during our stay. And let's not forget about Migoreng and Pandan Coffee, which provided the perfect kickstart to our days.

While our taste buds were happy, our eyes feasted on the lush greenery that covered the city. Malaysia's urban landscapes are beautifully contrasted with pockets of nature, creating a refreshing atmosphere that's hard to find elsewhere.

What truly made this trip unforgettable, though, was the warmth of the locals. Every corner we turned, we were greeted with smiles and friendly faces. It's heartening to see how a simple "hello" can transcend cultures and bring people closer.

Speaking of connection, I can't help but share the story of a friend who rediscovered his artistic passion on this trip. Back in university, he was a talented editorial cartoonist, but the demands of adulthood caused him to set aside his creative pursuits. Encouraged by the surroundings and our conversations, he decided to pick up his art again. Witnessing his journey of reconnecting with his lost love for art was truly inspiring.

As for a quirky anecdote, there was one dish I tried that proved to be a bit of a challenge for my taste buds. Lesson learned: sometimes, your instincts about food are spot-on, even if it's on the "must try" list!

Before we wrap up, there's one cafe that stole our hearts. Its charm is hard to put into words, but the smiles on our faces whenever we reminisce about it say it all. If you find yourself in Malaysia, it's an experience worth seeking out.

While I wish I had documented every single dish we savored, I have no regrets about getting lost in the moments shared with friends. Laughter and camaraderie filled our days, reminding us that the best memories are often the simplest ones.

Here is a flip-through of my sketches during this trip:

This journey was an absolute blast, brimming with incredible moments. Being an artist, traveling opens my eyes to breathtaking landscapes, immerses me in rich cultures, and introduces me to the most extraordinary individuals. ✈️🌍 Truly, inspiration knows no bounds when you're out exploring!

In a nutshell, our Malaysia trip was a sensory delight, a nature lover's dream, and a heartwarming tale of friendships rekindled. Until the next adventure!


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