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Exploring Vincent Van Gogh's World: Tracing My Path as a Self-Taught Artist

How are your friends? It’s been a while since I published a blog, and I can't help but reflect on the passage of time since my last entry. Life, in all its beautiful chaos, has gracefully consumed my days, leaving behind a trail of bustling moments, enriching travels, and precious hours shared with my beloved family and friends. Among these cherished moments, let me share one of the sparkling highlights that have truly illuminated my journey thus far.

Last May 2023, I had the incredible opportunity to visit the Immersive exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings in Sentosa, Singapore. The exhibition, located at The Forum Level B1 - Resorts World Sentosa - 8 Sentosa Gateway, greeted me with stunning sculptures painted in Van Gogh's expressive strokes and an arch adorned with his iconic sunflower paintings.

I was truly moved by the experience. The exhibition didn't display Van Gogh's physical paintings; instead, it was brought to life using light and sound. The paintings seemed to dance before my eyes, with swirling elements and vibrant colors. Stepping into that immersive world felt like being inside a painting, surrounded by all the rich hues and emotions.

As I walked along the moving paintings, memories of my university days flooded back, reminding me of how Van Gogh's story had inspired me. One particular painting caught my attention: "Wheat Fields with Crows." The accompanying quote, "What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything," made me pause and reflect. It had been etched in my heart since my university days, and I contemplated the changes I had undergone while carrying that quote with me.

Vincent Van Gogh's impact on my creative journey has been profound ever since my university years. As a self-taught artist, I often struggle with imposter syndrome, questioning whether my work is worthy. But Van Gogh's words have consistently kept me going, providing encouragement and motivation during moments of doubt.

In today's digital age, we have the opportunity to showcase our art through social media. Yet, at times, I find myself wondering if this blessing is also a curse. Since dedicating myself to art full-time, I have struggled with worries about the quality of my work and whether it will attract clients. It sometimes feels like I'm betraying my artistic talent, as my focus shifts away from personal fulfillment and the joy of the creative process. Perhaps you can relate to this struggle, not just in visual arts but across the creative industry.

This mindset, in my opinion, stems from the notion that creativity and artistry lack monetary value. From my own experience, art was once considered something only children should engage in. However, it's worth celebrating that many artists in this generation are pursuing their dreams and breaking away from the traditional mindset that art cannot be a viable career. We live in a time when art is being recognized for its immense contribution.

Vincent's story was undeniably tragic, as he didn't receive the recognition he deserved during his lifetime, however, that didn’t stop him from creating. I hope through his story, and many other artists out there, we can preserve the true spirit of art: creating to inspire, finding happiness in our craft, and sharing our unique perspectives with the world.

May Vincent's creative soul live on within all of us. Together, let's contribute to making the world a better place, one artwork at a time.


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