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The happylee dream

I've always wanted to share more of art, yet it scares me a lot. Although a of people support me for this, it's not that easy. I create art for my own happiness and I wish to share this happiness and also make a living out of it. Since the lockdown, I utilised my time to create artworks, enhance my digital skills.

It wasn't an easy journey, it almost drove me insane! Well, who doesn't during these times? haha! I'll be sharing to you my creative struggle soon but currently, let's stay positive and focus on reaching a goal, and I hope one day I'll be able to share this to you as print copies and make it part of your homes or your life.

I recently applied to open an inprnt store, so lets open that opens up and I'll be able to sell my works.

I've also been thinking to print them locally here in the UAE and ship them, but we'll see how this will work.

Cross fingers!

Let me know your thoughts!

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